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  • 2008-04-17 (Thu) 23:11

What’s the Obacation’s Workshop

In the Obacation site, you can let us know anytime when you find an Obake by yourself. In additon, you can have fun with friends in the workshop. The workshop includes two places where you can visit: One is “Obake Discovery Workshop,” and the other is “Obake Picture Book Workshop” to make a picture book of appearing Obake(s) found by you and your friends in the world.

When you want to do the workshop, please send your request on the Contactpage if you can manage your copyright or if not, ask your parents or guardian on your behalf.

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Workshop record

2007 August Obacation Animal Shuffle in ZOORASIA Vol.2
July Animal shuffle exhibition” in Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA
July Obacation Animal Shuffle in The world paint picture rally
June Obacation Animal Shuffle (Workshop Correction 2007 in Keio University>)
June Obacation Animal Shuffle in ZOORASIA vol.1
2006 March Obacation workshop in Korea
2005 June Goshikijyuku workshop vol.2
2005 October Obacation workshop in Sri Lanka
August China Beijing workshop vol.3
2004 August Big map in Nakano-ku Nabeyoko Shopping street vol.2
July Discovery! Nakano Obake detective workshop
January China Beijing workshop vol.2
2003 September Nakano-ku miyanodai obake detective workshop
August Big map in Nakano-ku Nabeyoko Shopping street vol.1
June China Beijing workshop vol.1
2002 December Nakano obake detective workshop
May Picture book society workshop
March Odawara Fujimi elementary school workshop
February Goshikijyuku workshop vol.1
2001 December Vancouver Japanese school workshop in Canada
November Yokohama City Shinishikawa elementary school workshop

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