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  • 2008-04-02 (Wed) 15:39

Obake entry form

The Obacation site calls for an Obake character that comes from the surroundings of each child. Please input the necessary items in the form and send it. If any, please send photo(s) or illustration(s)

When the Obake applied was chosen by the staff, an illustrated character of the Obake will be uploaded on the Obake list. Please send Obake only that you have thought by yourself.

Obake Details

Writer Details

years old

To the guardian (parents) of the applicant child:

The staff of the Obacation site are thinking of actively using the Obake that children have imagined, for various purposes; namely it is used as a character for a local information board, an advertisement for a company, and so on. To do this activity, it is required to be granted by the owner of the copyright in the Obake, so that the staff can use the name or idea of the Obake without charge or rent it out for other entities with free of charge. Therefore, before entry, you should read the following “About the Copyright” and if you agreed on it, please check the agreement box below and send an Obake.

# About the Copyright

The right to use accepted characters (Obake) belongs to Creative Smile. Without notifying the applicant(s), accepted characters (Obake) can be used for prints and video images, exhibitions at an event, browsing on the website, and other purposes of use.

The applicant shall guarantee that the applied work is a completely original creation by the applicant, its contents have no variance and are legal, and the work will not infringe any rights of the third party. The applicant shall compensate Kasao Atsushi for all of the damages suffered when the above terms and conditions are not carried out by the applicant.

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