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  • 2008-04-17 (Thu) 23:25

About Obacation and Obake

My name is Musubime-kun (Liaison Boy) who searches out Obake all over the world and introduces it to everyone.

Everyone, you can all see various daily necessaries, tools, machines, animals, and plants in your surroundings. About what will they talk if they can utter a word? Don’t you think such a thing?

When humans don’t see, they have worlds only of themselves and they are doing other works there, and it is not possible to know possibly. In this natural world, a child who has an uncanny ability sees the activities in other worlds of various ones who think that humans are natural.

And, it is collectively called Obake who has been seen by the child.

I want everyone to find out lots of Obakes. That’s why I came here from Japan.

Though there might be a child who thinks, “I am not competent such a thing,”just take a picture of one of your surroundings and think it over by seeing it. Surely, a different world is sure to come into view at the time seen as it is. If you think, “Something will be done in another world and it be so” when having it, this means that you have discovered an Obake. Why don’t you introduce it to this site by thinking about something of that?

To tell the truth, a lot of Obakes have already been reported by children all over Japan. Let’s go to the page of the Obake list because I want to introduce the Obakes to everyone first of all. After you saw them, it’s your turn. First I want you to show me, namely, Musubime-kun and my friends. Among the Obake candidates, we become to feel that, “This Obake seems to exist,” we are happy to make a picture of the Obake (an Obake character) and introduce it on this page to everyone all over the world. We will present you the Obake charactar through the net. Therefore, everyone, please try to find out Obake. For your reference, let’s go to the page to have a look at the Japanese Obakes.

If you want to get to know us more, you should read the following explanation.

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