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Obake Picture Book Workshop

  • 2008-06-19 (Thu) 12:39

0. Preparation for the workshop

Send e-mail to the Obacation site telling, “we are going to do the Obacation Picture Book Workshop.” Please inform us of when, how many children and where you are going to do. When you receive an acceptance mail, the preparation for the workshop is completed.

1. Prepare a print of Obake and several pieces of paper and pens.

As lots of Obakes found by children all over the world are uploaded in the Obacation site, choose one in which you are interested, and print it on a seal paper. If your Obake has already become a character, of course print it. If you did the Obacation Discovery Workshop, print the scenery photo(s) taken in the town as a seal. Next, prepare about 8 pieces of white paper. It would be convenient to use a notebook-like book made with white sheets.

2. Before making up a picture book

Think about a common theme by all of participants in the workshop. Determine the theme, such as “My Obake introduces my town to a Foreign Obake.” Based on the theme, think about which Obake is suitable, how it is used. When you determine an Obake as a lead character, it will be easier to make a story. When you use your friend’s Obake, view the photo of usual appearance of the Obake and think about the country. If you will do it, the picture book will be more interesting.

3. Production of the picture book

Put a seal in a piece of pure-white paper (page) and write the picture and the sentence. When it is not possible to think about the entire story at the time of beginning, first, put a seal on a white page, which becomes easier to start the story.

4. Presentation of the picture book

Finally, make a presentation of the completed picture book by reading it to all the participants. Scan the picture book and send it to the Obacation site. We will upload the book to introduce it to all of the friends in the world.

5. Introduction of a picture book

Title is “Adventure of Happy Lantern God and I-bow“.
This is a story telling that a Japanese Obake, “Good-Luck Lantern” introduces the town, Nakano in Japan to a Chinese Obake, “i-bow“. Using seals of photos taken in the town, the Japanese Obake well introduces Nakao to the Chinese Obake.

Everyone, can you understand my explanation? If not, please send your question(s) on the Contact page. That’s all for you from the Obacater, Kappa.

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