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Obake Discovery Workshop

  • 2008-06-19 (Thu) 12:38

0 Preparation for the workshop

Send your message telling, “I will do the Obake Discovery Workshop.” on the Contact page in the Obacation site. Please write about when, where and how many kids will do it. If you are informed of acceptance from our Obacaters, it is ready for joining the workshop.

1 Let’s try to find an Obake by looking around the town.

Go out to the town with your friends carrying a digital camera. As each Obake has each original appearance, take a picture of it with the digital camera. Imagine an Obake from various things in the town. Just take a picture of what you feel something.

2. Think about an Obake.

Choose a photo among pictures taken, which is likely to become Obake. By looking at the photo, take time to think about an Obake. Write down the details of the Obake about which you have thought, such as what the Obake does, where it lives.

3. Let’s draw the picture of the Obake.

Draw the appearance and feature of the Obake as a picture. Gradually make a form of the Obake as struggling with its appearance and color.

4. Introduction of Obake that a Japanese friend found in the workshop.

Ryoukan (a Japanese boy) thought about an Obake, “Good-Luck Lantern“, based on a lantern that he found in a shrine.

>> Good-Luck Lantern

5 Entry of the Obake.

Send your Obake on the entry page. At that time, note that it is an Obake that was found by the workshop. >> Obake Entry

6. Wait for an Obake character.

Wait for a while until Obacaters illustrate an Obake that you all thought in the workshop, form a character and upload it on the site. When the character is uploaded, print it on a seal paper and enjoy it by exchanging it with your friends.

>> Obake Picture Book Workshop

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