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Message from Musubime-kun

  • 2008-04-17 (Thu) 23:27

I was born from the rope to hang the laundry out in the mountain in Japan. While traveling, I happened to meet all of Obacaters that love Obake and Dr. Kasao called Dr. Obake (Alias: Dr. Boke) at Tokyo Polytechnic University. Now I am exploring, searching for Obake and the place of the activity of a found Obake to save the world with all Obacatars.

What? Why does Obake save the world? First, let me explain about what Obake is like.
The adult seems to think an imaginary mystery creature about Obake though the child can see it actually. Generally, the child, not limited to Japan, loves to think about the thing of such Obake and hear the story. In addition, an imaginative, creative child can discover Obake.

Therefore, with the increase in the number of children who can discover Obake, the number of children who are imaginative and creative will increase. Well, a lot of problems caused by humans who don

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